Archiv - Zitate

November 9th, 2010

Bofh excuse 60195

BOFH excuse #453:

Spider infestation in warm case parts

Bofh excuse 60194

BOFH excuse #452:

Somebody ran the operating system through a spelling checker.

Bofh excuse 60193

BOFH excuse #451:

astropneumatic oscillations in the water-cooling

Bofh excuse 60192

BOFH excuse #450:

Terrorists crashed an airplane into the server room, have to remove /bin/laden. (rm -rf /bin/laden)

Bofh excuse 60191

BOFH excuse #449:

greenpeace free'd the mallocs

Bofh excuse 60190

BOFH excuse #448:

vi needs to be upgraded to vii

Bofh excuse 60189

BOFH excuse #447:

According to Microsoft, it's by design

Bofh excuse 60188

BOFH excuse #446:

Mailer-daemon is busy burning your message in hell.

Bofh excuse 60187

BOFH excuse #445:

Browser's cookie is corrupted -- someone's been nibbling on it.

Bofh excuse 60186

BOFH excuse #444:

overflow error in /dev/null